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Color Chart

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1 Standard color card

Our company has more than 30 kinds of color to provide to customer to select, customers can also choose the color according to the international standard color card – RAL color card ".


If you need unconventional color

1 First of all need to provide one samples(Best is a metal plate as substrate sample,also can be other material,but color matching accuracy can’t be as good as metal samples). If you know the color number from paint manufacturers or international standard color card,it’be simple to operate,color matching results will be accurate,only need to provide the color number to our company’s color experts to confirm.


2 The new color samples will be matched by our supplier,usually completed in 5-7days and special colors need 7-10days to complete.


3 You need to confirm color samples after receiving.After obtaining your confirmation,we’ll arrange the production according to your order request.