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1 Technology innovation project of municipal key enterprises:multi metal composite panel based on co-extrusion type

Technological process: ①preparation of plastic core material→②plastic core materials and metal strap coextrusion molding→③cooling→④proctective film→⑤levelling→⑥cutting→⑦unload

①preparation of plastic core material: the plastic particles of raw materials into the extruder for plastic hot melt extrusion, extrusion plastic hot melt forming plastic core material group;

②plastic core material and metal strap coextrusion molding: through both sides of the composite roll in, a lower metal plate were sticked with adhesive film and the plastic core material extrusion heat melt adhesive film, plastic core material and on both sides of the sheet metal extrusion bonding as a whole, to be metal composite panel

③Cooling:cooling the metal composite panel, composite machine by a pair of compound and water and combined with air cooling device for cooling the metal composite panel, composite and water with limber and to keep the temperature, control the metal composite panel temperature in 70-90℃, avoid  high temperature damage to the metal surface,let the metal material not appear dilatancy in high temperature, thus ensuring the different metal composite panel to be flat plate; also control panel temperature in 70-90℃, fully meet the flocking panel composite process requirements

④Protective film:on the upper surface of metal composite panel or the lower surface

⑤Levelling:on the metal composite panel

⑥Cutting:cutting metal composite panel and get the corresponding specifications of metal composite panel.

⑦Unloading:store the metal composite panel after cutting.


2 Invention patent:one metal composite panel technology(ZL201310733053X)


3 New patent:one performing aluminium sheet(ZL2013200331683)


4 Test report