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1 How to identify the quality of aluminum plate

Aluminum paint aluminum aluminum plate in recent years has entered the family decoration, because it has the appearance of smooth, the color is gorgeous, impact resistance and strong, clean and convenient, durable, convenient construction and is widely used. Aluminum plastic board is composed of the external walls of the project board and interior wall decorative board two categories, the family decoration are usually used. Aluminum plate division duplex and single. Double side aluminum-plastic plate appearance for the rust of high strength aluminum alloy plate. Front spraying and negative nature. And single side aluminum-plastic plate as long as the appearance of a layer of aluminum alloy plate, the strength is a bit poor, also offer some cheap. The appearance quality, good selection of inlet hot spraying coating color uniformity, strong adhesion, row after the collision is not easy to paint.

Family decorative aluminum plate is usually used in the dining room, kitchen, bath room and heating cover, interval appearance, construction, main plate base boring flat, preferably with plywood, blockboard bottom, avoid cracking deformation. In the second episode posted aluminum plate to pay attention to the glue must be uniform, to be strong volatile diluent glue touch not sticky post, with a wooden hammer compaction. Third, aluminum plate in the use of attention according to planning requirements into several blocks. For the whole or a large area of use, or simply lead to hollowing drive. Fourth, aluminum plate joint rabbet usually use glass glue sealing glass glue injection, demand seal must be uniformly plump, dry to clean appearance, the thickness of the line together 

2 The feature of ACP

Aluminum plate is easy to process, forming good information. It is to seek efficiency, excellent goods for the duration of the fight, it can shorten the construction period, reduce cost. Aluminum plate can be cut, cutting, slotting, band saw, drilling, processing meditation, also can cold-formed, cold bending, cold rolling, but also to rivet, screw connection or adhesive bonding 

3 Analysis of common quality questions 

1 .Aluminum plate discoloration, bleaching

Aluminum plate discoloration, bleaching, was mainly due to improper selection of board formation. Aluminum plate is divided into indoor and outdoor plate plate, surface coating of two plates are not the same, determines the applicable different occasions. Plate used for indoor, its appearance is usually sprayed epoxy resin coating, the coating can not meet in harsh natural environment, if used in outdoor, natural will accelerate the aging process, cause discoloration decolorization appearance. Surface coating of outdoor aluminum plate usually choose anti-aging, polyvinyl fluoride coating elastic fat strong UV resistance, the plate price expensive. Some of the construction unit to deceive the owners, a plate for indoor use anti aging, anti corrosion fluorocarbon sheet quality, unreasonable exploitation profit, thus forming the aluminium sheet used for Engineering presents serious discoloration, bleaching phenomenon.

2 .Aluminum-plastic plate glue, drop

Referral to the courage to make the ambition of aluminum-plastic plate glue, drop, first and foremost because binder selection improper. As an outdoor aluminum plate engineering adhesive, silicone rubber is a unique advantageous conditions. Once China silicone rubber to rely mainly on imports, its worth a lot of people daunting, as long as the high-rise buildings worth of phenanthrene curtain wall engineering interested. Today, China Zhengzhou, Guangdong, Hangzhou and other places have been put into production is not the same brand of silicone rubber, resulting in price fell. Now, in the procurement of aluminum-plastic plate, the sale of chamber of commerce that dedicated and quick drying adhesive. The glue in indoor use is acceptable, used in climate variability outside, will be presented in sheet glue, drop the idea.

3 .Aluminum plate surface deformation

Just on which a circle around the city, are not difficult to find some aluminum plate surface deformation, the drum the dinner project. Small window decoration works on this kind of representation, large high-rise buildings also have this appearance. Once in the construction, presented the quality question, we have considered the quality of plate own; later, we found through the analysis focused on the first question, in the bottom sheet posted on aluminum plate, followed by questions about the quality of aluminum plate itself. We provide dealers often to the construction process of the aluminum plate, the bottom of the recommended materials is high density board, wood board and so on. Originally, this kind of information in outdoor use, the use of life is very weak, by the wind, sun, rain, will be deformed. The underlying data already are deformed, then as aluminum plate surface layer that is unchanged Shape visible, the ambition of the bottom outside data should by antirust processing after angle, square steel tube form a skeleton is better. If conditions permit, selection of aluminum profile as a skeleton is more ambitious. Skeleton made of this kind of metal materials, the cost does not wood keel, a high-density board much higher, indeed to ensure project quality.

4 .Aluminum plate in the decoration of the exterior of the building, between the plates usually have must slot width. In order to beautiful demand, usually have to in the gap filling black sealant. Glue in some construction personnel for time-saving demands without paper tape to ensure regular glue, rules, but the use of aluminum plate surface protective film as a substitute. Because aluminum plate during dissection, protective film will not the same degree tearing of the, so use it to do maintenance tape of alternatives, it is impossible to put glue joint clean up the rectification and standardization of neat.