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2012-10  company put into china’s first high speed extrusion metal composite panel production line with that independent intellectual property rights .

2013-7  Company has become the 316 stainless steel composite panel supplier of  the 2014 Brazil world cup main hall.

2014-5  Instead of Japan Mitsubishi Group, the company has become the  domestic only  of stainless steel composite panel  for China's high-speed rail, motor car.

2015-1 the company was elected to the third governing units of the Chinese building materials metal composite branch (CAPA)

2016-4  Our “multi metal composite panel based extrusion ” was named the technological innovation project of the city’s key enterprises

2016-5 The company has become the outdoor PVDF FR ACP suppliers of 2022 QATAR WORLD CUP.

2016-7 Our company "the technology of metal composite panel " (ZL201310733053X) invention patent officially authorized the publication

2016-8 Our company was named the province of science and technology enterprises, Taizhou high-tech enterprises.