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1 High peel-off strength

Kang Bond aluminium composite panel adopt new technology,impr ove the key technical index-peel off strength of ACP to excellent condition,higher 30%-50% than other manufacturers,improve ACP flatness,weather resistance performance.


2 Materials easy to process      

our company products ACP is compounded by aluminium and plastic,easy cutting、drilling、slotting、bending processing,can process by aluminium or wood special processing equipment.Therefore,not only process in factory,simple ACP can be on-site processing.


3 Excellence fire resistance performance   

Our company’s ACP,the middle is a fireproof core material with flame retardancy, both sides are extremely difficult to burn the aluminum layer. Therefore, it’s  a kind of safe fireproof material that meets the needs of the fire resistance of the building acts.


4 Impact resistance  

Strong impact resistance,high toughness,bending but not loss of paint,strong anti impact force,it won’s appear damage caused by wind sand in larger sand area.


5 Super weather resistance   

Aluminium composite panel adopts the metal and core materials with thermal composite technology,firm bonding,the surface coating according to the use of different environment using different paint,generally using there kinds paint,like PVDF coating,PE coating and Acrylic paint,among them PVDF coating has excellent outdoor weather resistance,more used for wall decoration and special occasion,experimental results show that the outdoor environment can be used for 20years.


6 Uniform coating、various colors

The coating of ACP can be made into various colors and carry out the design of pattern matching for all purposes.Furthermore,also for the use of photographic technology in the simulation of granite、wood and metal pattern ect,to provide a single color can’t get,with precision texture,high quality design.After the application of chemical treatment and Henkel film technology,let paint and aluminium’s adhesion be uniform,color variety,allow you have greater choice of space,show your personality.