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1 processing and installation

   aluminum plate installation and maintenance
APCP is a not easily contaminated dust soiled material, but is not absolute. Because of the use of different environmental conditions, will become dirty. The reason for this is because of the air floating dust and harmful gas and harmful components of adhesion, accumulation or adhesion in the sea breeze carrying salt. Cleaning cycle depends on project site environmental conditions and the actual surface pollution degree and decide, our proposal is building exterior wall each year cleaned at least once, indoor wall should be depending on the actual degree of fouling and cleaning the surface.


2 cleaning method

   Wipe with a sponge or cloth dipped in a neutral detergent or soap and water and dry after washing. If they are not decontamination, available sponge or cloth dipped in the market sales of organic solvent drops (alcohol, gasoline, acetone, etc.) wipe rinse. If there is a small amount of rust and available 15% dilute nitric acid to remove rust spots.


3 cleaning matters needing attention

  Please don't use any corrosive goods scrub the paint surface with). 1, building wall cleaning should be from top to bottom with artificial or appropriate cleaning equipment.
2, cleaning, please use a suitable detergent, a basic principle is: must use a neutral detergent! Please do not use strong alkaline detergents, such as Koh, sodium hydroxide or sodium carbonate, strong acid detergent, corrosion detergent and paint dissolved detergent.
3, in order to decontamination to embroider, the use of cleaning liquid, try local do a "try to rub" confirming the effect of wash, and then the comprehensive cleaning. 


4 installation notes

1. Please check the color and gloss before installing;
2, please pay attention to the direction of the installation of the installation, so as not to cause the color difference;
3, please be sure to tear off the protective film within 45 days of construction;
4, between the board and the board use silicone glue caulking.