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Aluminium Composite Panel

            Aluminum honeycomb composite curtain wall plate is made of aluminum panel and aluminum foil honeycomb core layer by hot-pressing bonding composite metal sheet. The price of this kind of product is more expensive, the processing craft is more complex, in recent years, many projects in domestic construction industry favor this kind of product, apply it to curtain wall or roofing.

            1 Product features and application range 1 The flexural rigidity is high; 2 The smoothness is good after installation, especially for high-rise building curtain wall large-scale design, super high-rise building curtain wall, special architectural modelling such as large eaves, wind pressure particularly high areas such as the city of Typhoon; 3 because of its high rigidity, decorative building roof and large area of the outdoor ceiling are very suitable, to ensure the overall flatness, there will be no ripple fluctuations.Aluminium Composite Panel

            2 aluminum alloy material requirements Aluminum Honeycomb panel aluminum alloy panels are mostly antirust aluminum, is currently used in the 3000 series of aluminum-manganese alloy or 5000 series of aluminum-magnesium alloy. Aluminum Honeycomb core uses 3000 series of aluminum-manganese alloy or a lower series of aluminum alloy according to the use.Aluminium Composite Panel

            3 Aluminum panel surface coating technology requirements Aluminum Honeycomb panel fa├žade aluminum panels, the surface requirements of the use of roll-coated fluorocarbon paint, according to the location of the project and the selection of paint color, you can use two, three or more paint system.Aluminium Composite Panel

            4 Product raw Material specification requirements in accordance with jgj133-2001 "metal and stone curtain wall Engineering technical Specifications" requirements, aluminum honeycomb panel material specifications are as follows: 1 should be based on the use of the curtain wall and durability requirements, respectively, the thickness of 10, 12, 15, 20 and 25mm of aluminum honeycomb plate; 2. Aluminum Honeycomb plate thickness of 10mm should be made of 1mm thick aluminum plate, 0.5~0.8mm thickness of the back aluminum plate and aluminum honeycomb bonding; thickness of the aluminum honeycomb plate above 10mm, the back of the aluminum alloy plate thickness should be 1mm.