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Aluminum Composite Panel Technology And Market Trends

    Composite aluminum plate for the use of flat wall, slot plate and ribbed type. Flat plate, slot plate for the smaller area, the wind load is not the curtain wall, the ribs for the larger area, the wind load and large curtain wall. (1) Flat plate is directly to the composite aluminum plate to be cut into the size of the plate (2) slot plate is the composite aluminum plate to the surrounding a certain length of the edge, into a groove plate, four corners with aluminum angle code fixed. (3) flat plate is to increase the strength of the composite aluminum plate strength and stiffness of the strengthening measures in the middle of the aluminum composite aluminum tube with structural sealant fixed in the composite aluminum plate, square pipe at both ends with aluminum angle code and aluminum sub-box Connected to the ribs can be a plus two or more Road. (4) the groove plate is the middle of the composite aluminum plate in the middle of the aluminum tube with a structural sealant fixed on the groove in the composite aluminum plate, both ends of the aluminum plate with the folding edge of the aluminum angle anchoring, reinforcement ribs can be one or Multi-channel, depending on the load and board size.Aluminium Composite Panel With the improvement of economic level, people's demand for construction is not only to stay in the basic level of living, but with a higher promotion, more of some aesthetic demands. Thus, the personalized style design is full of architectural decoration in the field, so the aluminum veneer has come into play. Aluminum veneer fire moisture, anti-corrosion, able to resist the invasion of external forces, long life, although the price may be higher than the general building decoration materials, but the installation of the convenience and good decorative effect makes its application more widely.Aluminium Composite Panel This year, due to a variety of factors combined effect, China's construction market is not satisfactory, aluminum market has also been a larger market volatility, making the aluminum veneer downstream processing industry has been in the fluctuations. But with the economic situation improved, the future of the aluminum veneer market is still very worth the wait.Aluminium Composite Panel