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Aluminum Corrugated Composite Panel

               Through ISO9001 quality certification, in South Korea a number of curtain wall works, of which "Shun East" curtain wall project elevation 80 meters, the application of aluminum corrugated board 17,000 m2; Culture center aluminum Corrugated composite plate is the South Korea group with advanced technology, new technology developed with the performance of the Honeycomb board products.Aluminium Composite Panel

               Engineering elevation 100 meters, the use of aluminum corrugated board 20,000 m2, its ultra-high performance, ultra-high flatness is the best choice for metal plate curtain wall. Aluminum Corrugated Board Performance: first, bonding performance stability and durability: Corrugated composite board using AL3003H16-H18 materials, panel thickness of 0.8~1.0mm, back plate thickness of 0.4~0.5mm (same as aluminum honeycomb panel), the core plate adopts al100h16-h18, the material thickness is 0.2mm (Honeycomb plate Core Board 0.06~0.07mm), is the water ripple type, and the panel back plate bond surface is the arc type, increases the bond strength (higher than the Honeycomb board), The use of thermosetting resin adhesives with metal plate excellent adhesion, in the advanced fully automated production equipment with the most advanced Erpsystem system quality management, to ensure that the bond performance stability and durability and construction of the same life.Aluminium Composite Panel

               Second, energy-saving and environmental protection: Corrugated Board is the core of water corrugated, in the panel and the back of the composition of the air channel, is a hollow plate system, is the best heat insulation products. Under the action of solar radiation, the air in the channel heats up and moves away heat, which has heat insulating property. In the cold area, the corrugated channel upper and lower end seal, daytime in the sunlight, storage heat energy to reduce indoor heating loss, with insulation performance. More than 100% of the project can be recycled, environmental pollution-free.Aluminium Composite Panel

              Third, noise reduction: because the core plate is corrugated arc type, the sound waves generated surface reflection, to eliminate the panel and the back of the sound wave coupling, improve sound insulation performance is greater than 35dB.Aluminium Composite Panel