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Application Selection Of Aluminium Composite Panel

    The composite aluminum plate is used for the curtain wall, the plate type, the trough plate and the ribbed type. Plate-type, slot plate for small area, wind load of the curtain wall, ribbed for larger area, wind load and large curtain wall. (1) The flat plate type is directly the composite aluminum plate cutting into the need size plate (2) Groove plate is the composite aluminum plate around each fold a certain length of the edge, into a groove plate, Four Corners with aluminum Corner code fixed (fig. 474e). (3) Plate-stiffened type is to increase the strength and stiffness of composite aluminum plate, in the composite aluminum plate will be the aluminum side of the structure of the sealant fixed on the composite aluminum plate, square tube at both ends of the aluminum corner with the aluminum frame connected, strengthen the rib may be a two or more. (4) The trough plate and the rib type is in the trough shape compound aluminum plate, the aluminum side structure sealant is fixed on the trough shape compound aluminum plate, at both ends and the composite aluminum plate folding edge with aluminum angle code anchoring, strengthen the rib can be one or more road, depending on the load and the size of the plate area.Aluminium Composite Panel
    Many consumers in home decoration will choose aluminum-plastic plate ceiling, before the installation of aluminum-plastic plate ceiling consumers need to determine whether the purchase of aluminum-plastic plate ceiling to meet the design requirements, in the time of purchase also need to the aluminum-plastic plate manufacturers to ask for relevant certificates, to ensure the quality of the aluminum-plastic plate ceiling, before you can enter the installation work. Aluminum-Plastic Plate ceiling construction Process: (1) Check the skeleton quality first, focus on the hanging rod straight, the force evenly, keel spacing is not less than 500mm, if humid environment, the design requires appropriate reduction of spacing, keel surface smooth without falling feeling, the main, accessories close, firm, etc., confirm the qualified party can be stapled. (2) The cutting of the plate should be broken along the cutting, so that the edge of the cutting plate straight founder, the perfect angle and other defects. (3) When the board is fixed, the edge of the aluminum-plastic plate (the edge of the package) and the support keel are laid vertically, and the right under the suspension phenomenon. Aluminum plastic plate docking should be tight, but not pressure in place, can be from a board angle or the middle ranks, not at the same time, the plate seam should be straight, width consistent, not wrong seam phenomenon. (4) When the joint, aluminum plastic plate docking to rely on tight, but can not be pressure in place, butt joints should be staggered, the wall on both sides of the joint can not fall on the same keel; when the two-layer plate is used, the seam of the second floor cannot fall on the same vertical keel as the first layer, and the double gypsum board should be stitched together incorrectly.Aluminium Composite Panel
    Light steel frame shall not bend deformation, paper panel shall not damp, warping deformation, missing angle, no delamination, dry, thickness consistent. Installation of the ceiling does not allow the impact of foreign objects, pollution. After the completion of the ceiling installation, should be measured, usually, through the tube in 10 meters, a large area of the auditorium between the same axis sampling not less than 10% of the measurement. Already with pattern, floral cover panel, after construction should ensure that its pattern, flower uniform upright, seam pattern matching, layering to keep straight.Aluminium Composite Panel