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Brief Introduction Of Industrial Panel

      Home Purchase Notes Family decoration will be used to the plate, so how to buy plates, in the plate when to choose how to identify, the following is a few points: see the surface of the plate has no obvious flaws should be smooth, no burr and cutting knife, no glue phenomenon and plate surface pollution (such as local blackening, yellowing phenomenon), as far as possible to select the plate surface without cracks, cracks, no knots, skin, resin sac and Gum Road, the natural warping of the whole board should be as small as possible, to avoid improper operation of sanding process, The sanding phenomenon revealed by the base material. Industrial Panel
     Recognize the difference between veneer and natural veneer veneer plate texture of the former plate is basically straight texture, texture patterns have rules, the latter plate for natural wood pattern, texture pattern natural variability is relatively large, no rules.Industrial Panel
     Panel appearance inspection decorative plate appearance should have a better sense of beauty, the material should be meticulous uniformity, color clear, wood grain beautiful, plate board and the texture of the mosaic should be arranged according to a certain pattern, wood color similar, patchwork and plate edge near parallel. Sheet metal layer structure is stable, no open phenomenon should pay attention to sheet metal surface between veneer and substrate, the base material inside each layer can not appear bulge, stratification phenomenon. To choose the low formaldehyde release of the plate do not select the decorative plate with pungent taste. Because the larger the smell of the plate, the higher the formaldehyde emission, the more serious the pollution, the greater the harm.Industrial Panel
     Industrial rubber plate is used in mining machinery, transportation equipment as rubber pads, gaskets, cushion pads and other uses of vulcanized rubber plate. Can be divided into ordinary rubber plate, acid-alkali rubber plate, oil-resistant rubber plate, heat-resistant rubber plate and insulating rubber plate. The structure has two kinds of pure glue type and plastic layer clamp fabric or metal skeleton reinforcing layer. It is made by continuous vulcanization of the mixing rubber by calendering (extrusion), sticking synthetic type, vulcanizing machine of flat vulcanizer or drum vulcanizer. Industrial Panel
     Ordinary rubber plate, working medium: water, air; working temperature: -30~+50℃. As a machine village mat, all kinds of sealing or cushioning cushion, aprons, indoor and outdoor aircraft, ships, trains and other paving materials, oil-resistant rubber plate, working medium: Gasoline, kerosene, oil, diesel oil and other mineral oil; operating temperature: -30~+50℃, used as machine liner, all kinds of seals or buffers with aprons, gaskets; heat-resistant rubber plate, working medium: air, steam; working temperature: can reach +90℃ in the air, can reach 140 ℃ in steam, and some heat-resistant up to 250 ℃. Used as gaskets, aprons, etc.Industrial Panel