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Classification And Advantages Of Industrial Panel

     Eco-board is also called Melamine sticker, full name is melamine impregnated adhesive film veneer board. The ecological board is made of natural logs as the base material, through the process of inorganic cementing technology modification, through into the mold, natural solidification molding for environmental protection and energy-saving new materials, it does not contain formaldehyde, toluene inorganic natural environmental performance, combined with the surface of natural texture and sustained and efficient negative oxygen ion release, the realization of its green building materials natural properties.Industrial Panel
     Eco-board Advantages: Surface formation, not easy to deformation, bright colors, the surface is more wear-resistant, corrosion-resistant, price economy, waterproof, moisture-proof, good grip; save money, labor-saving, cost-effective, environmental E1, E0 standards, high grade, beautiful and practical; The shortcomings of the ecological board: the lack of corresponding technical specifications, after all, is a new thing, from the production to improve the need for a process, the purchase of high-quality products have difficulty; This plate is used to do outdoor panels, wall panels, insulation panels and other decorative plate advantages, but in the furniture grade English.Industrial Panel
     Advantages: Noble style, authentic. Disadvantages: High prices, and easy to change color; difficult to manage, the water content changes will make it deformation, surface paint film is also relatively fragile, to pay attention to scratch injury. Multilayer solid wood plank with multi-layer plywood as the base material, the surface pastes has the high quality solid wood pastes the skin or the technology wood. Advantages: High strength, good flatness, good structure stability, difficult to deformation, surface layer of solid wood veneer material also has natural wood texture and feel. Disadvantage: The price is higher, the blister is damaged and cannot be repaired.Industrial Panel
     Refers to the board is a number of pieces of wood mosaic made of wood plate, it's up and down the pressure splint, so in the production of a very small amount of glue, material more environmentally friendly, so more and more people favor. The vertical plank adopts the sawtooth-like interface, similar to the two-finger cross docking shape, so named as the finger plate. Refers to the Board of Environmental Protection plate, its texture looks very natural, giving a sense of return to nature.Industrial Panel