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Classification Of Industrial Panel

             Industrial cardboard, as the name suggests industrial cardboard, its classification of about three categories.

             A class of corrugated cardboard or become honeycomb paperboard, its main raw material for recycling cartons, a relatively environmental protection of a cardboard, but also the thickness can be high and low; mainly used in boxes, large-scale equipment packaging or liner. However, the hardness and bursting resistance of this kind of paperboard are relatively low, but its use is wide, recovery speed is faster. Although it is low in cardboard, the amount of this cardboard is the largest.Industrial Panel

             A type of hot-pressed cardboard, or a pressure plate, it is more complex in production and manufacturing process, because of its resistance to pressure, resistance to distortion, breaking and tensile strength is better; but there is a drawback is that grams is too high, in the case of raw materials as a packaging box, not open groove and indentation. This kind of cardboard is mainly used in electrical insulation or packaging and other fields.Industrial Panel

             Another kind is the composite cardboard, mainly uses the scrap newspaper, the recycled packing paper product to make, after making the board paper, then synthesizes the thick cardboard which the high thickness, this kind of cardboard is the most environmental protection. It has several kinds of classification; one is the gray cardboard, mainly uses the waste newspaper or the book paper second pulping production, because the color after making is gray, so also called the gray cardboard, it can be used without grams of thickness in accordance with the needs of the composite, become gray paperboard. The second is the cowhide color paper, abbreviation Kraft, it also can compound on the surface of the sheet paper, becomes the cowhide noodles cardboard. Kraft Paper Board and more than the gray paperboard, improve the hardness and durability of gray cardboard. Three is coated white-faced cardboard, it is on the basis of gray paper coated to achieve the need for packaging or liner. The application of this kind of cardboard is mainly concentrated in the field of printing and packaging, such as food, jewelry packaging boxes, handicrafts, packaging boxes, or folders, files of this skin, notebook skin and hardcover books can be used.Industrial Panel