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Curtain Wall Aluminum Composite Panel Economical And Practical

Curtain wall aluminum composite panel economical and practical, mainly from aluminum composite panel product's own price and easy processability. , Its price and the price of aluminum plate aluminum honeycomb panels as compared to the price of the plate itself, the aluminum honeycomb panels typically more than twice the price of aluminum plate. After they finished aluminum components as compared to the cost per square meter of aluminum composite panel assembly to less than about 30% of a monolayer of aluminum components. However, in order to cope with market competition and lower prices blindly requirements, many manufacturers and curtain wall aluminum composite panel manufacturers in the choice of materials there is a serious phenomenon of shoddy work, specifications expressly aluminum curtain wall panels must use two 0.5 mm thick made of aluminum alloy plate, the outer surface of the aluminum plate must be selected fluorocarbon coating. The reality is that many aluminum curtain wall panels of aluminum alloy sheet composition does not meet the requirements, the thickness of the outer layer of aluminum is insufficient to 0.4mm, while the inner plate thickness is reduced to 0.3mm, 3mm thick and some even interior decoration plate is directly used for exterior panels. Even have been eliminated using the cold plate to do for wall panels use the results of composite plastic panels and bonding strength due to insufficient separation.