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Device Setting For Industrial Panel

     Mechanical pressure machine is the most important category of metal sheet machining machine tools. It is important to say that there are three reasons. One, the annual production of large, accounted for more than 80% of the forging machinery; second, a wide range of applications, almost infiltration of all metal sheet processing field; Third, irreplaceable, its economic and technological justice of other machine tools difficult to replace.Industrial Panel

     The typical large stamping production line is arranged in series by a double dynamic press and a number of single dynamic presses. The double dynamic press is a feeding device, which consists of a skip, a hydraulic ejector, a magnetic separator, a vacuum sucker hoist, double detector, magnetic roller, double elimination, cleaning and oiling device and feeding device.Industrial Panel

     There is a feeding device between the double dynamic press and the single action Press, it consists of the feeder, the overturning device, the conveying device and the feeder, and the top and bottom material device of the single dynamic press is the same as the one with no turning device. The last single dynamic press is a palletizing device consisting of a feeder, a conveyor and a palletizing vehicle. In addition, the large-scale stamping production line is also equipped with automatic fast-changing system, automatic rapid adjustment system, fault detection system and waste removal and transportation systems.Industrial Panel

     The more primitive combination is, a double dynamic tensile press and a single large multi-position pressure machine for the mainframe, the two are equipped with a set of flip devices and synchronization devices, improve production tempo, reduce the footprint. After this, the second generation of automatic stamping production line was created by the advent of multiple-position presses with double moving stretching stations.Industrial Panel

     The second generation production line is only one with double dynamic stretching station of the Multi-position press as the host, in its former equipped with the split device and palletizing device, then formed an automatic stamping production line, configuration greatly simplified.Industrial Panel