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Dissolved Body Purification Technology Of Aluminium Composite Panel

The composite aluminum plate is used for the curtain wall, the plate type, the trough plate and the ribbed type. Plate-type, slot plate for small area, wind load of the curtain wall, ribbed for larger area, wind load and large curtain wall. The flat plate is a flat plate that cuts the composite aluminum sheet directly into the size required. Trough plate is the composite aluminum plate to each side of a certain length of folded, into a groove plate, Four corners with aluminum kok fixed.Aluminium Composite Panel

Plate-stiffened type is to increase the strength and stiffness of composite aluminum plate, in the composite aluminum plate will be the aluminum side of the structure of the sealant fixed on the composite aluminum plate, square tube at both ends of the aluminum corner with the aluminum frame connected, strengthen the rib can be one is also two or more road. The slot plate ribbed type is in the trough shape compound aluminum plate, the aluminum side structure sealant is fixed on the trough shape compound aluminum plate, at both ends and the composite aluminum plate folding edge with aluminum angle code anchoring, strengthen the rib can be one or more road, depending on the load and the size of the plate area.Aluminium Composite Panel

In recent years, the development trend of aluminum alloy casting equipment Large-scale, high efficiency automation, melting furnace generally use the top open lid round furnace instead of rectangular furnace, shorten the burden of charging time, reduce the burden of loading, improve the distribution of furnace charge in the uniformity, and use large capacity melting furnace and static furnace. The biggest improvement of smelting furnace in combustion system: on the one hand, the use of medium and high speed burner (burning speed 30~300m/s), on the other hand, the use of waste heat recovery equipment-heat exchanger, recovery part of the heat, preheating combustion air.Aluminium Composite Panel

Melt Purification Technology: the development of this technology is mainly on-line processing technology widely used in the solution of online processing system is degassing, the comprehensive application of slag removal method in the process of melt flow, casting technology: Aluminum and aluminum alloy semi-continuous casting the most advanced technology is electromagnetic casting, the development of adjustable crystallizer is a new trend of foundry technology development. The alloy is a new building decoration material, advanced packaging materials, the use of direct foaming or powder compression + high-temperature foaming made of aluminum foam, lightweight, heat-resistant, non-flammable, sound insulation, heat insulation, corrosion resistance, electromagnetic interference, can be used as a building inside and outside the wall, curtain walls, shielding, ceilings, floors and advanced packaging material.Aluminium Composite Panel