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Fabrication Technology Of Metal Composite Panel

   Metal composite panel is the external walls of the building, do not bear the weight, like the curtains hanging up, it is also known as the hanging wall, is a modern large and high-rise buildings with decorative effect of light wall. By the structural framework and mosaic plate composition, does not assume the main structure of the load and the role of the building envelope. At present, the traditional metal composite panel at home and abroad is mainly composed of stone metal composite panel, glass metal composite panel and metal metal composite panel. These three kinds of metal composite panels can meet the basic decoration requirements of industrial and civil buildings. But the three kinds of metal composite panels are limited by their own material properties are hidden and shortcomings of stone metal composite panel weight, energy consumption, poor fire; glass curtain wall energy consumption, light pollution, fire resistance; metal metal Composite panel energy consumption, it is difficult to large-scale production. Especially the three kinds of metal composite panel board fire resistance are poor, in the event of fire, the consequences will be disastrous. With the rapid development of China's national economy and the continuous improvement of people's living standards, as well as the architect's design concept "human nature in the building" to enhance the building more and more to the high-level, high-end, multi-functional direction. Therefore, the construction of metal composite panel products are bound to the direction of high-tech and multi-functional development in order to adapt to the growing awareness of environmental protection and energy conservation, to meet the market demand for building metal composite panel multi-demand.Metal Composite Panel

   The existing three kinds of metal composite panel, whether in the product of energy saving, environmental protection or functionality has been far from being able to meet today's society on the requirements of building materials. Chinese Patent CN201474224U discloses a wall composite board which is composed of a combination of insulating core composed of glass wool or rock wool and a color steel plate, which solves the problem of fire insulation and insulation of the wall panel and has good aesthetics The However, due to glass wool and rock wool are flocculent fiber products, the fiber structure is short and thin, and showing long and short structure.Metal Composite Panel

   Existing glass wool board and rock wool board are fiber structure longitudinal parallel to the board, that is, fiber aggregates into silk filament shape of the fiber layer, and an infinite number of fiber layer pressed in the system. In this structure, the fiber layers are attracted by the squeezing phase, and there is a certain repulsive effect between the fiber layers due to the mutual squeezing. The long-term use will lead to the increase of repulsion between the fibrous layers and the decrease of the gravitational force Or even disappear, making the use of the material made of metal composite panel strength can not be effectively guaranteed, long-term use there is a large risk of quality. Chinese Patent No. CN201495692U discloses a rigid fibrous rock wool composite thermal insulation board comprising a reinforcing fiber layer and a sandwich layer, said reinforcing fiber layer being wrapped in said An outer surface of the sandwich layer, the core layer being fixed to the inner surface of the reinforcing fiber layer by an adhesive, the sandwich layer being composed of a standing fiber rock wool panel, And the direction of the layer is perpendicular to the upper surface and the lower surface of the rigid navel fiber composite sheet. The composite insulation board will be cut off the rock wool board after 90 degrees horizontal extrusion placed on the full coated flame-retardant glue on the glass fiber cloth, this time rigid fiber rock wool composite insulation board rock wool slats in the sandwich Layer is arranged in a direction perpendicular to the upper and lower surfaces of the rigid navel fiber composite sheet.Metal Composite Panel