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High-tech Composite Panel For Metal Composite Panel

Glass-magnesium composite plate is a new type of HIGH-TECH composite plate, the material from two layers of high-strength inorganic materials and a layer of insulation composite, with light weight, high strength, no combustion, sound insulation, can be used for humid environment characteristics, is the new generation of energy-saving, environmentally friendly green products.Metal Composite Panel

The glass-magnesium composite duct system is a kind of pipe-making and heat-insulating air duct system, which has the advantages of indirect installation, light pipe quality, high construction efficiency and low labor intensity, which is advantageous to the construction site management. In addition, the duct can be affixed beam, iron wall, top installation, can effectively improve the use of the building space. Duct processing and wind pipe reinforcement, so that each section of the air duct to form an independent whole, to ensure that the wind duct under greater wind pressure is not easily deformed. According to the width of the duct, using galvanized steel bar or inner wall flange frame and other reinforcement methods. When the positive pressure exceeds 500Pa above, the combination reinforcement method can be adopted, and the maximum positive pressure of the duct can be up to 1500Pa above.Metal Composite Panel

In the installation of the glass-magnesium composite duct, the air duct interface is coated with a nonflammable adhesive for sealing. Pipe wall piercing when coated with sealed sealant, so that the air duct to form a completely closed space, the total air leakage of the wind duct system is greater than 2% glass magnesium composite plate selection of high-quality magnesium oxide, fiber cloth, light and inorganic adhesives, such as production line processing composite. A high density polystyrene plate is compounded in the middle of two plates. Not using magnesium chloride, not only fundamentally solve the problem of damp, back brine, and does not contain chloride ions, in the event of fire does not produce hydrogen chloride and other toxic gases. It has the characteristics of non-toxic, tasteless, non-flammable, not explosive, heat preservation, heat insulation and good two times processing performance and construction convenience.Metal Composite Panel

Titanium steel composite plate is produced by explosion-composite or explosion-rolling composite, both good performance and low cost. In production, the common quality problems are: composite plate defects and welding defects. The former is mainly the combination of not enough, the titanium layer and the local surface crack of steel layer, the latter mainly gas holes, cracks, not penetration, slag.Metal Composite Panel