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Identification Of Industrial Panel

      Many residents in the home decoration for their own home to choose what kind of industry is very distressed, the first do not know what kind of good quality, the second do not know the choice of a single white industrial board, or choose double plastic industrial board, the following With everyone to understand the next in the purchase of how to identify the quality of the industrial board.Industrial Panel

      Home purchase Note home decoration will use the plate, then how to buy the plate, when the plate to buy how to identify, the following are five points: 1, see the surface of the surface with no obvious flaws should be smooth, (Such as local black, yellow phenomenon), try to pick the surface of the board without cracks, cracks, knots, folder skin, resin capsule and gum road, the whole Plate warpage should be as small as possible, to avoid improper operation due to sanding process, Industrial Panel the substrate revealed the sand through the phenomenon. 2, recognize the veneer veneer and natural wood veneer veneer plate difference between the former texture of the board is basically straight texture, texture patterns are rules; the latter plate for the natural wood pattern, texture pattern natural variability is relatively large, irregular The 3, the appearance of the plate inspection decorative plate should have a better appearance, the material should be fine and uniform, clear color, beautiful grain, plate and parquet texture should be arranged according to certain rules, similar to the color, patchwork and board edge near parallel. 4, sheet rubber structure is stable, no plastic phenomenon should pay attention to the surface of the board between the board and the substrate, the substrate can not appear between the layers of drums, layered phenomenon. 5, to choose a low release of formaldehyde plate do not choose a stimulating taste of the decorative plate. Because the greater the smell of the plate, indicating that the higher the amount of formaldehyde emissions, the more severe pollution, the greater the harm.Industrial Panel