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Industrial Panel Development Skills

pcb circuit board industrial process development process, a clear trend of reflow technology. In principle, the traditional insert can also be used reflow process, which is commonly referred to as through-hole reflow soldering. The advantage is that it is possible to complete all the solder joints at the same time, so that production costs to a minimum. However, temperature-sensitive components limit the application of reflow soldering, whether it is plug-in or SMD. Then people turn their attention to choose welding. Most applications can be used after reflow soldering. This will be the cost-effective way to complete the remaining parts of the welding method, and with the future of lead-free soldering is fully compatible.

The process characteristics of selective welding can be understood by comparison with wave soldering. The most obvious difference between the two is that the lower part of the PCB is completely immersed in the liquid solder, and in the selective welding, only part of the specific area and solder wave contact.Industrial Panel Since the PCB itself is an undesirable heat transfer medium, it does not heat and melt the solder joints of adjacent components and PCB areas. The flux must also be pre-applied before welding. Compared with the wave soldering, the flux is only applied to the part of the PCB to be welded, rather than the entire PCB. In addition, selective welding is only suitable for the welding of the cartridge. Selective soldering is a completely new way to thoroughly understand the need for selective soldering processes and equipment for successful soldering.Industrial Panel

In selective welding, the flux coating process plays an important role. At the end of the welding and welding, the flux should have sufficient activity to prevent the generation of the bridge and prevent the PCB from being oxidized. The flux is sprayed by the X / Y robot carrying the PCB through the flux nozzle, and the flux is sprayed onto the PCB to be soldered. Flux has a single nozzle spray, microporous jet, synchronous multi-point / graphics spray a variety of ways. Reflow soldering process after the microwave peak selection of welding, the most important thing is the exact spray coating. Microporous jet type will never smear the area outside the solder joint.Industrial Panel

Micro-point spray the minimum flux point diameter greater than 2mm, so the spray deposited on the PCB flux position accuracy of ± 0.5mm, in order to ensure that the flux is always covered in the welded parts above the spray flux tolerance provided by the supplier, technical instructions should Specified flux usage, usually recommended 100% of the safety tolerance range.Industrial Panel