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Market Expansion Status Of Metal Composite Panel

      The initial development of metal matrix composites was driven by the aviation industry. The metal matrix composites which have been used in military aircraft and civil aircraft are mainly aluminum base and titanium matrix composites. The first development of the metal matrix Composite Powder metallurgy technology Line and maintain the leading position so far.Metal Composite Panel

      As energy and environmental issues become increasingly severe, countries around the world impose increasingly stringent fuel efficiency standards and emission standards, forcing carmakers to use lightweight metal matrix composites to replace the current cast iron and steel, and to achieve lightweight vehicles. It is generally believed that the car quality of 10% per drop, fuel economy can be increased by 5%, and for the cost of the automotive market, the only acceptable is the aluminum foundation matrix Composite.Metal Composite Panel

     Metal matrix composites are mainly used for engines and brake components that require heat and abrasion, such as pistons, cylinder liners, brake pads and brake drums, or for moving parts that require high strength and modulus, such as drive shafts, connecting rods, etc. Currently, in the metal matrix composites consumed by land transport, the amount of drive shaft is more than 50% and the amount of car and train brakes is more than 30%.Metal Composite Panel

    The metal matrix composite Drive shaft shows advantages in large buses and trucks. Compared with conventional steel or aluminum alloy drive shafts, the metal matrix composite drive shaft can withstand a higher rotational speed while producing smaller vibration noise, and the modulus is significantly higher than that of steel or aluminum, so large buses and trucks can use longer single metal matrix composite drive shafts without the need to increase shaft diameter and weight.Metal Composite Panel

    The brakes are the fastest growing portion of the metal matrix Composite, with an annual growth rate of over 10%. In contrast to cast iron and steel, $literal or sic particles reinforced aluminum matrix composite materials used as brake material can obtain up to $number of the weight-loss benefits and high wear-resistant, conductivity and other performance characteristics, can make the inertia, fuel consumption and noise are reduced.Metal Composite Panel