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Metal Composite Panel

               Aluminum-plastic composite board because the thickness of aluminum panel is 0.5mm, the folding edge after the small capacity, not suitable for large plate or large-scale curtain wall works. Aluminum veneer due to the linear expansion coefficient of 2.35x10-5, cold shrink deformation of the larger, generally used 1-2 years after the surface of the aluminum plate to produce concave and convex deformation, affecting the architectural fa├žade of the artistry. The flatness of the outer surface of Honeycomb panel is better, but the higher price is not suitable for the project. Aluminum corrugated plate tensile, compressive strength, 180 degrees peel strength (see test Report) is higher than the honeycomb plate, it has ultra-high surface smoothness, stable durability and building life.Metal Composite Panel

               Corrugated Board of the panel for Fluorocarbon Roller coating, due to the use of the aluminum plate surface degreasing, oil removal, cleaning, drying, chromium processing automation line production line, to ensure that the coating thickness uniformity of good color and the protection of stone, the effect of the line to choose. Corrugated board 6mm Thick, the proportion is 4.3kg/m2. Because of the heavy load of the surface material, and the structure of the support keel can be reduced, more economical. Corrugated board width is 1000~1550mm, Long is 300~6000mm, the thickness is 4~8mm, for each kind of curtain wall divide the lattice reasonable choice, enhances the material utilization, reduces the cost.Metal Composite Panel

               Easy processing: Can be cut, perforated, bending, can be made of profiled plate, ARC-shaped plate. Side ribs, strengthen the help can be used rivet connection, simple and firm. Easy to install construction: the use of fixed-distance crimping, hanging, opening, closing seam structure, to ensure that the surface is smooth, safe and durable, more architectural art. Aluminum corrugated plate with the above-mentioned ultra-high performance, price close to 3mm thick aluminum veneer, economic.Metal Composite Panel