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Performance And Development Of Industrial Panel

     Industrial flooring is a high-strength, wear-resistant, beautiful flooring, with no seams, solid texture, good resistance to quality, anti-corrosion, waterproof, dustproof, easy maintenance, low maintenance costs and other advantages. Various schemes can be designed according to different use requirements, such as 0.3-0.5mm epoxy thin coating floor, 5-10mm epoxy mortar thick coating floor, 1-5mm epoxy self-leveling surface, non-slip wear-resistant coating, mortar-type coating, anti-static, anti-corrosion coating and so on.Industrial Panel

     For commercial and industrial establishments, it is necessary to enhance the wear resistance of concrete floors. Increase the density of the concrete surface, so that it reduces dust, increase the city surface of the oil, forming a high-density, easy to clean, impervious to the ground. With the concrete ground construction, the construction period is short. Low cost and durability, reduce the cost of periodic coating or thickening of the surface.Industrial Panel

    The development of industrialization, so that people continue to pursue higher quality of production, along with the production conditions, warehousing conditions, Process control and quality control requirements, wood Card board in the health status and standard production of insurmountable limitations are increasingly exposed. In this case, realize the application of plastic card board, and quickly occupy a place in the market. Industrial Panel

    Compared with wooden card board, its integrity is good, hygienic and clean; In use, it has the characteristics of light weight, no nail thorn ﹑ acid and alkali ﹑, ﹑ easy cleaning and so on. Its service life is 3-8 times of wood card board, combined with waste card board material can be recycled, the single use cost is lower than wood card board.Industrial Panel

    Emery Hardened Flooring (can be used for heavy machinery factory, metal factory, glass plant, such as ground susceptible to impact workshop). Glass fiber anti-corrosion flooring (can be used in electroplating plants, circuit boards and acid and alkali corrosion of the environment ground). Epoxy flooring (used in electronic factory, food factory, garment factory, such as ground decoration, dustproof, moisture-proof, anti-static). PVC Anti-Static Flooring (can be used in the dust-free workshop and high-grade clean room, precision instruments and other industries workshop, hospital operating room).Industrial Panel