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Physical Property Structure Of Metal Composite Panel

      methods, defects and characteristic signals, real-time imaging and recording of structural components--keywords thin-walled structure composite ultrasonic detection automatic scanning imaging Sensor 1 preface in the Aerospace, water power and nuclear energy and other important industrial fields, because of product use and structural design particularity, Some key components often require the use of metal thin-walled tube and thin-walled tube structure, such as components or due to structural stress or due to the special environmental conditions such as sealing requirements, quality requirements are very stringent, and even designed to be used in the absence of defective conditions.Metal Composite Panel

     Therefore, the detection of such structures, in recent years has been the field of design, manufacturing and user-closely concerned about the problem and detection difficulties for stainless steel and other thin-walled structural parts nondestructive testing, at home and abroad has carried out a lot of research and testing applications, China has also developed a standard for nondestructive testing, but for the application of more and more non-ferrous metals (such as various specifications of aluminum alloy, etc.) thin-walled structure, structural parts of the surface requirements are highly polished, some to achieve a mirror surface state, even a very small surface scratches are not allowed.Metal Composite Panel

     Wall thickness varies from a mm to several millimeters, varying in diameter from dozens of mm to hundreds of mm, the length of a few meters, and some more than 10 mm; the structure shape has thin-walled tube shape, also has the thin-walled tube shape, but also has many kinds of thin-walled structure form, is so far encountered several common structural forms and must examine the area in this article with the wall thickness is 0.5 ~ 2.5mm thin-walled tube as an example, this paper introduces a composite ultrasonic inspection technique based on RF ultrasonic Metal Composite Panel

     Principle 2 composite Ultrasonic testing 2.1 defect distribution and acoustic reflection according to the characteristics of thin-walled structure forming and manufacturing process, combined with a large number of damage and practical application shows.Metal Composite Panel

    It will be difficult to achieve it is a feasible method for the detection of the structure of the possible defects and their orientation, the use of multiple-beam acoustic effective coverage detection due to the usual thin-walled tube defects have linear length orientation characteristics, that is, the defect long axis orientation is much larger than the short axis.Metal Composite Panel