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Properties And Industrial Application Of Aluminium Composite Panel

     The composite aluminum plate is used for the curtain wall, the plate type, the trough plate and the ribbed type. Plate-type, slot plate for small area, wind load of the curtain wall, ribbed for larger area, wind load and large curtain wall. The flat plate is a flat plate that cuts the composite aluminum sheet directly into the size required. Trough plate is the composite aluminum plate to each side of a certain length of folded, into a groove plate, Four corners with aluminum kok fixed.Aluminium Composite Panel

     Plate-stiffened type is to increase the strength and stiffness of composite aluminum plate, in the composite aluminum plate will be the aluminum side of the structure of the sealant fixed on the composite aluminum plate, square tube at both ends of the aluminum corner with the aluminum frame connected, strengthen the rib can be one is also two or more road.Aluminium Composite Panel

    The slot plate ribbed type is in the trough shape compound aluminum plate, the aluminum side structure sealant is fixed on the trough shape compound aluminum plate, at both ends and the composite aluminum plate folding edge with aluminum angle code anchoring, strengthen the rib can be one or more road, depending on the load and the size of the plate area.Aluminium Composite Panel

    The application of aluminum matrix composites in automobile industry started early. The engine pistons were successfully fabricated by composite materials. The United States developed a particle-reinforced aluminum matrix composite to make the automobile brake disc, so that its weight is reduced, and the wear resistance is improved, the noise is obviously reduced, and the friction heat dissipation is fast; the company also manufactures automotive components such as piston and gearbox for automobile engines with particulate reinforced aluminum matrix composites. Aluminium Composite Panel

    The automobile gearbox made of composite material has obvious improvement in strength and abrasion resistance than aluminum alloy gearbox. Aluminum alloy composite can also be used to make brake rotor, brake piston, brake pads, calipers and other brake system components. Aluminum matrix composites can also be used to make automobile parts such as automobile drive shafts and rocker arms.Aluminium Composite Panel