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Properties And Industrial Applications Of Industrial Panel

Building materials industry according to its product nature can be divided into three categories: building materials, such as cement, flat glass, brick, gravel, building sanitary ceramics, linoleum and various blocks, aerated concrete, gypsum board and other new building materials, as well as cement pressure pipe, cement pole, cement sleeper and so on.Industrial Panel 

Non-metallic Minerals and their products, such as asbestos, mica and its products, diamond, marble, crystal stone, gypsum and porcelain clay. A variety of new non-metallic materials, such as glass fiber, FRP, industrial technology glass, synthetic crystals and so on.Industrial Panel With the industrialization of construction and the continuous progress of science and technology, the development of light building materials and new building materials industry has become the trend of building materials industry. By the 80 's, industrial developed countries in the construction industry in the internal and external walls and frameworks, the general use of Gypsum board, asbestos cement Board, calcium silicate plate, foam, glass wool and a variety of composite wall panels, in the ground and interior decorative wallboard materials, the use of polymer and plastic products, such as lightweight building materials,Industrial Panel 

Traditional bricks and tiles and ordinary concrete construction materials have been basically eliminated.

Industrial flooring is a high-strength, wear-resistant, beautiful flooring, with no seams, solid texture, good resistance to quality, anti-corrosion, waterproof, dustproof, easy maintenance, low maintenance costs and other advantages.Industrial Panel 

Various schemes can be designed according to different use requirements, such as 0.3-0.5mm epoxy thin coating floor, 5-10mm epoxy mortar thick coating floor, 1-5mm epoxy self-leveling surface, non-slip wear-resistant coating, mortar-type coating, anti-static, anti-corrosion coating and so on.Industrial Panel