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Study On Properties Of Aluminium Composite Panel

               Aluminum has small density, high specific strength, good plasticity and toughness, good heat conduction and conductivity, strong corrosion resistance and is widely used in shipbuilding industry. The steel has high strength and ductility, and the composites composed of them have both physical and chemical properties and good comprehensive performance, which is a new type of structural material with extensive use. Because of the poor weldability of aluminum and aluminum alloy and steel, the fusion welding method will inevitably produce intermetallic compounds, which can reduce the interfacial performance. Although the pressure welding performance is good, but all need special equipment and strict craft. As a special new processing technology, explosive welding provides the possibility of welding between aluminum and steel. Explosive welding is a kind of metal welding technology with explosive energy, which is characterized by exerting and utilizing the physical and mechanical properties of the materials and other special applications to meet the needs of different occasions. This paper introduces an explosive welded composite plate for marine aluminum/titanium/steel composite plate, which has been studied in the aspects of ultrasonic inspection, mechanical performance test and metallographic examination to meet the needs of the ship.Aluminium Composite Panel

               Materials selected 5083 aluminum alloy plate (8mmx1000mmx2000mm), 1060 pure aluminum plate (6mmx1000mmx2000mm), TA1 Titanium Plate (2mmx1000mmx2000mm) and ccs-b Marine Steel Plate (22mmx960mmx1960mm). Explosive welding is a special welding technology with dynamite as energy, and it is often used in engineering application to carry out explosive welding by means of parallel installation and angle installation. In this paper, the parallel installation method is used to explode welding.Aluminium Composite Panel

               By using the method of explosive welding of marine aluminum/titanium/steel clad plate, the combination of pure aluminum 1060 and titanium plate TA1 into the transition layer is good, and the bonding rate of the final product reaches 100%. The shear strength of aluminum/titanium interface is higher than 85mpa, exceeding the requirement of the index, and the other mechanical properties meet the requirements of the index. The Titanium/steel interface has a regular sine wave shape, which produces a more obvious plastic deformation, and there are intermetallic compounds in the vortex; the aluminum/titanium interface is relatively straight, the wavelength is larger, the amplitude is small, the degree of plastic deformation is weaker, and the formation of intermetallic compounds is not visible.Aluminium Composite Panel