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Technical Parameters Of Metal Composite Panel

      Refers to a layer of metal covered with another kind of metal board, has achieved in the use of the effect (anti-corrosion performance, mechanical strength, etc.) under the premise of saving resources, reduce the cost of the effect. The composite method usually has the explosive compound, the explosive rolling compound, the rolling compound and so on. Composite materials by appearance can be divided into composite plates, composite tubes, composite rods and so on. Mainly used in anti-corrosion, pressure vessel manufacturing, electrical construction, petrochemical, pharmaceutical, light industry, automotive and other industries. Common metal composite plates are: Titanium steel composite plate, copper-steel composite plate, titanium-zinc composite plate, titanium-nickel composite plate, nickel composite plate, copper-aluminum composite plate, nickel-copper composite plate.Metal Composite Panel
     Metal composite technology can play the advantages of each group of materials, to achieve the optimal allocation of materials resources, saving valuable metal materials, the realization of a single metal can not meet the performance requirements, the pressure vessel with stainless steel composite plate As an example, basic use of general carbon steel (q245r, Q345R, etc.) has good mechanical properties, laminated stainless steel ($number, 316L, etc.) has a good corrosion resistance, the two usually use explosive welding together, only a few millimeters of high price stainless steel, Substantial cost savings and virtually no change in the mechanical properties of the base material. It can not only replace imports and fill the gap, but also has a wide range of applications, with good economic and social benefits, easy access to all aspects of support and help. such as the development of stainless steel composite materials has been the National Commission and Reform, the Ministry of Science and Technology actively support, advocated High-tech projects.Metal Composite Panel
     Metal composite plates include: titanium-aluminum composite plate, titanium steel composite plate, aluminum-steel composite plate, copper-steel composite plate, titanium steel composite plate, nickel composite plate, and other metal composite materials according to the user. Production mode of metal clad plate: Explosive compound method, brazing rolling method and explosive rolling method. Metal Explosive welding-is a kind of energy-saving new composite material with titanium, copper, aluminum and aluminum alloy, nickel, stainless steel and other precious metals as the composite layer, carbon steel or low alloy steel as the base, single and double-sided metal.Metal Composite Panel