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The Bonding Form Of Metal Composite Panel

      Stainless steel clad plate is made of stainless steel and carbon steel by a special way, it also has the advantages of stainless steel and carbon steel, not only reduce the production costs, but also meet the actual needs, is a new type of material, is widely used in petroleum, chemical, salt, nuclear industry, food, Water conservancy and other industries.Metal Composite Panel
     The production process of stainless steel composite materials: the production methods of stainless steel composites at home and abroad are mainly solid-liquid combination method and solid-interphase bonding method. The most common solid-interphase bonding method is explosive welding and explosive welding billet + rolling, in addition to laminated plate hot rolling method, diffusion crimping method, surfacing method, surfacing welding and hot rolling method.Metal Composite Panel
     Explosive welding production of composite plate is the use of explosives for the energy medium to weld metal, by using the shock wave generated by the explosion to move the complex plate to the base plate movement, in the discharge gap of the gas at the same time through impact, in the contact interface occurs a thin layer of metal plastic deformation, melting and diffusion between atoms, so that the metal plate welding. "Explosive welding billet + rolling" is the process method of rolling on the basis of explosive welding, mainly for the development of cold-rolled double-sided composite plates and coils. Through different production methods, composite plate composite has one-sided composite, there are two-sided composite, shape plate, tube, wire, rod, wire, conductive composite materials.Metal Composite Panel
    The main steel plate of stainless steel is mainly produced by explosive welding in our country. The bonding interface of explosive welding is a waveform, which is different from the interface of direct rolling, and whether the waveform interface is considered as an important sign of good bonding. Metal Composite Panel
    According to the metallographic observation of the specimen, there are three types of explosive composite interface: one is the direct bonding between metals, the other is the formation of the interface wave-like bonding, and the third is the formation of a homogeneous continuous melting layer between metals. In these three forms, only the formation of wave-like bonding, the atom diffusion between the interface can make the composite plate have a higher interfacial strength, but also can achieve in the wider process parameters range of processing, is the ideal combination way.Metal Composite Panel