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The Development Of Aluminum Composite Panel

ACP is the early 1990s before entering the country, into a few decades of development, it has been China's construction industry and decoration industry has been widely used, but it is also in these industries made no small contribution. With the development of aluminum composite panel, aluminum composite panel curtain wall has become a product favored by consumers, but in our case the technical specifications is not perfect, plus some unfair competition in the market, resulting in aluminum Plasterboard market chaos and degradation.

Now plastic plate in order to meet the needs of the renovation market in a short time has developed a fire aluminum plate, aluminum plate color pattern, a foamed PE aluminum composite panel and other new products. Today, the country has been able to produce complete sets of aluminum composite panel production equipment, and began to move toward the world, and in some European countries, they are very environmentally conscious, they believe ACP is not environmentally friendly material, it is prohibited.

In our country has been expanding domestic demand, implement a proactive fiscal policy powerful driving, rapid development of the construction industry, so the increase of urbanization, the expansion of infrastructure and improvement of people's living conditions require, but also to create a long aluminum composite panel large market space. Estimated a few years later, the demand for aluminum plate or continue to rise. But as a future policy would not change, the development of aluminum composite panel has no impact, which is still unknown.

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