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The Main Mechanical Properties Of Aluminum Composite Panel

The main purpose of aluminum composite panel curtain wall, indoor and outdoor decoration. Wherein the outer walls of the building maintenance member, also known as wall hanging, does not bear the load of the main structure, mainly bear its own weight, wind load, seismic action and temperature effects. Weight is a heavy load, constant load regular role, due to the small density of aluminum plate, so the quality of the stress generated by small, can not afford a major role. Then three are variable loads to the vertical walls of the building is the main wind load, the value of up to 2.0-5.0KPa, As for the role of the earthquake, since the aluminum plate light, even by the largest earthquake coefficient, also However 0.1-0.8KPa, far less than the wind, and the temperature effect is small. Thus, aluminum plates as wall materials, wind pressure is the main consideration. Vertical wind acting on the aluminum plate, aluminum plate mainly bending deformation, so the flexural strength and flexural modulus of elasticity is one of the important parameters and performance curtain wall aluminum composite panel.