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The Structure Of The Industrial Panel

Recognize the difference between artificial veneer veneer and natural wood veneer veneer: the former texture is basically straight texture, texture pattern has rules; while the latter is natural wood pattern, texture pattern natural variability is relatively large, no rules. Good decorative: decorative plate appearance should have a better beauty, material and meticulous uniform, clear color, beautiful wood. Plates and parquet texture should be arranged according to certain rules, wood color approximation, patchwork and board edge almost parallel.Industrial Panel 

The surface should be no obvious flaws: the choice of decorative plate surface should be smooth, no burrs, hook marks and planer marks; should not penetrate the phenomenon (such as local black, yellow phenomenon); should try to pick the surface without cracks, cracks, Skin, resin capsule and tree plastic road; the whole plate of the natural warpage should be as small as possible to avoid improper operation by the sanding process caused by the substrate exposed sand phenomenon.Industrial Panel

Glue layer structure is stable, no opening phenomenon: should pay attention to the surface between the veneer and the substrate, the substrate can not appear between the layers of drums, layered phenomenon. Knife and pry method to test the bonding strength: This method is to test the most intuitive method of bonding strength. With a sharp flat blade along the glue layer pry open, if the glue layer cracked and wood damage, indicating poor bonding strength. To choose a low formaldehyde emission plate: the choice should be to avoid the smell of the decorative plate. Because the greater the smell, indicating that the higher the amount of formaldehyde emissions, the more serious pollution, the greater the harm. Choose a clear production enterprises of the products: the vast majority of a clear factory name, site, trademark products, performance are more reliable.Industrial Panel

Suitable for stainless steel panels with control cabinet mounting and stainless steel panels for mounting arm mounting are IP 65, compact, rugged and customizable according to user requirements. 12, 15 and 19-inch panel suitable for control cabinet installation can be equipped with an IP 67 USB port. In addition, you can also modify the customer's specific needs, such as the modification of the front panel.Industrial Panel