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The Wide Use Of Metal Composite Panel

Bimetallic composite wear-resistant steel plate has been widely used in the field of heavy industry, industrial equipment for China, the workpiece wear failure provides an important wear protection measures, greatly improving the equipment, the life of the workpiece for enterprises to improve production efficiency and reduce production Cost has made an important contribution. Double gold-clad wear-resistant steel plate is the use of open-arc self-protection automatic welding process, in the ordinary steel or stainless steel surface surfacing composite layer with high hardness, high wear resistance of high alloy wear layer, the wear-resistant steel With double metal properties, that is, high wear resistance of the working layer and the high toughness of the substrate layer, for industrial applications to provide a convenient mechanical connection and electrode connection conditions, can achieve reel, welding, plasma cutting, mechanical processing and other processing. In the case of Metal Composite Panel

Bimetallic composite steel plate also has the dual performance of high hard material and toughness material, it is irreplaceable with other engineering anti-wear materials such as various alloy steel plate, cast wear plate, cast stone, rubber, polyurethane, etc. Comprehensive excellent performance. In the case of Metal Composite Panel

Coal industry: the bucket excavator cone wear liner, scraper type coal conveyor in the middle of the slot, the trough, hopper, mine lift skip, coal washing plant pipeline, chute. Cement industry: scraper plate, slip, guide cone, guide the wind, dust pipe, slag tank. Power industry: fan blades, burner pipelines, stacker hopper hopper, silo liner, pulverizer liner, pulverized coal delivery pipe, pulverized coal distributor grating, chute, coal unloading equipment liner.Metal Composite Panel 

In the case of Composite wear-resistant steel plate is made of ordinary steel plate (Q235 (A3) or heat-resistant steel plate (15CrMo, 12Cr! MoV, etc.), stainless steel plate to form the whole plate to the volume fraction of more than 50% Cr7C3 carbide-based wear layer. With high wear resistance, impact resistance, deformation and welding performance can be the same as the steel plate directly crimp deformation, cutting and drilling and other processing links, processed into engineering parts to meet the wear and tear mining inputs and use. With many wear-resistant materials Compared to wear-resistant composite steel plate has its irreplaceable significant features.Metal Composite Panel