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What Is The Difference Between An Industrial Panel And A Common Panel

            1. Size Specification: Commercial motherboard is currently mainly used ATX architecture, but the industrial motherboard in order to adapt to a variety of application environment, the use of a variety of size specifications of the motherboard. including ATX, Micro-atx, LPX, POS, PICMG, ETX, CPCI and other specifications.Industrial Panel

            2. Support for expansion slots: for commercial-grade motherboards, it is often possible to provide only 4 to 5 PCI slots, which are subject to the PCI specification while using only 4 roots, and, basically for PCI 4, a significant attenuation in drive capability, so most commercial boards offer only 3 PCI slots. The industrial motherboard of the master control production, because of its industrial design materials, its support for PCI slots can easily achieve 17 PCI support, such as SK-1015P12, SK-1021P1. 7 supports 12PCI and 17 PCI respectively, without causing the attenuation of PCI drive capability. It also supports high bandwidth PCI devices. With ISA slots, you can achieve good support for industrial ISA Low speed acquisition card and data card. Embedded Gpio bus, can realize GPI, GPO function.Industrial Panel

            3. The use of components: commercial-grade motherboard due to the pursuit of the timeliness of products, as well as their own market positioning, the choice of components to meet the requirements of the general requirements of the system operation, and 2-3 years of service life can be. Master control Industrial production of industry motherboard selection will be selected after a long period of time, high requirements to verify the components to ensure that products in the harsh conditions of high reliability requirements. For example, some such as in the server, as well as high-end commercial motherboards to appear in the solid-state capacitor, closed inductance, etc., in the Shuo industrial motherboard There is a lot of use.Industrial Panel